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HistoricalBoardGaming has produced their fourth series of plastic Gaming pieces that can used in miniature games such as Axis & Allies, Memoir44, or just Miniature Wargaming.

These have been done in approximately the same scale as A&A and FMG minis so that you have a better selection of pieces to choose from for your variant and house rules. Use these for nations such as the Dutch, strict neutrals, Pro-Axis nations, Pro-Allied nations, Free French, Axis Minor supplement pieces, Polish, etc.

The set is “Neutrals Set” and is available in 3 colors: White, Light Green, Light Grey.

Contents in a full 30 piece set are:

10  Infantry Dutch Soldier

4  Artillery 75 7 Veld 

2  Polish 7TP Light Tank

2  Wz-34 Armored Car

2  Polish trucks

2  Fokker D XXI Fighters

2  Fokker TV Med. Bombers

2  AP Transport Ships

2  Admiralen Class Destroyers

2  De Ruyter Class Cruisers



Great addition to your War Game and for use in Varients and House rules.

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