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Field Marshal Games has taken great care to bring you the Highest Quality and most Historicaly accurate World War Two Board Game miniatures EVER MADE!  Each unit has been painstakingly sculpted using actual historical models / plans and pictures to ensure the smallest detail has not been overlooked.  Months of Research has been invested to make sure this is the best and most accurate set of Second World War Game Miniatures ever produced for the gaming community.

Each National Set includes the following:

Rifle Infantry x2

Sub-Machine gun Infantry x2

Commander x1

105mm Artillery x2

Autoblinda 41 Armoured Car x2

Transport Truck x1

Carro Armato 41Tank x1

Semovente 105/25 Tank x1

Breda BA 65 Tactical Bomber x1

Macchi C202 Fighter x2

SM-79 Transport/Bomber x1

Br-20 Medium/Heavy Bomber x1

Transport Ship x2

Submarine x2

Soldati Class Destroyer x2

Zara Class Cruiser x1

Littorio Class Battleship x1

Aquila Class Carrier x1


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Customer reviews

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    Can't wait to put them into action!

    Posted by Colin on 11/24/2011

    Just received my Italian combat units in the mail today. Couldn't be happier! Awesome quality and exactly the right amount of units. I can't wait to put them into action. Thanks FMG!

  • 5

    Well worth the wait!!!!!

    Posted by Peter Thoes on 11/29/2011

    I received my Italians today and the wait was worth it! After years of inferior after market units< finally someone who PLAYS the game> has made units worthy of REPLACING oob units!
    A+ FMG>>> A +!
    Peter Thoes(Thoes426)

  • 5


    Posted by Jason Brett-Williams on 02/07/2012

    Well worth the wait. The level of detail is impressive. Really adds to the game. Can't wait for the other nations!

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