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HistoricalBoardGaming has produced it's first series of plastic Gaming pieces that can used in miniature games such as Axis & Allies, Memoir44, or just Miniature Wargaming.

The Units in this set are the same scale as the OOB (Out of box) units used in Axis & Allies games that are produced by Wizards of the Coast , so that you have a better selection of pieces to choose from in your variant and house rules. There are two colour options: DARK GREEN (Will match the OOB Pacific 2001) and OLIVE (Will match the OOB Pacific 1940 units 2011)

The unit count  is 28 pieces.

  (12) Marine (w/ Rifle)

  (2) Marine (w/ Flame Thrower)

  (4) Sherman Flame (Tank)

  (6) F4U Corsair (Fighter)

  (4) LVT(A)-1

Great addition to your War Game and for use in Varients and House rules.

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