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HistoricalBoardGaming has produced their second series of plastic Gaming pieces that can used in miniature games such as Axis & Allies, Memoir44, or just Miniature Wargaming.

This set will be supplementing FMG Combat pieces, so that you have a better selection of pieces to choose from in your variant and house rules. These will be done in the same scale approx.  This first set represents “The Axis Minors” and will be done in 7 colors: Black, Dark Grey ,Ivory, Light Grey, Brown (Italy), Yellow, Mustard Yellow

The Unit Count is 28 peices

(6) Infantry, Light (Field cap w/ Rifle)

(2) Infantry, heavy (M36 Helmet w/ Panzerfaust)

(2) 38t (Light Tank)

(4) 105mm (Artillery)

(2) Hummel (Self Propelled Artillery)

(4) Panzer III (Medium Tank)

(2) Stug IIIG (Tank Destroyer)

(2) 232 (Armored Car)

(2) Opel Maultier (w/ Tracks)

(2) Fw-190 Fighter

Great addition to your War Game and for use in Varients and House rules.

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