HBG "Battle Pieces" - United States Supplement Set


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HBG has produced it’s third series of plastic Gaming pieces that can used in miniature games such as Axis & Allies, Memoir44, or just Miniature any Wargaming variant. 

Set includes:

(4) Airborne

(2) Stuart light tanks

(2) Priests SP Artillery

(2) Hellcat Tank Destoyers

(2) Mack trucks

(2) P-40 Fighters

(4) P-51 Mustang Fighters

(2) Avengers Torpedo Bombers

(2) B-25 Medium Bombers

(2) C-46 Commando Transport Planes

(2) Casablanca Class Esort Carrier

(2) Nevada Class Early war Battleship

  TOTAL of 28 pieces in the set.

NOTE: The DARK GREEN matches the Marine color from Axis & Allies Pacific 2001, if you want to match the Out of Box (OOB) color, you need the OLIVE Set
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