HBG "Battle Pieces" - WW2 Japan Supplement Set


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HBG is producing its seventh series of plastic gaming pieces that may be used in miniature games such as Axis & Allies, Memoir44, and many other miniature war games. These will be done in approximately the same scale as A&A and FMG minis so that you have a better selection of pieces to choose from for your variant and house rules. This set is the Japanese Supplement Set.

A complete set will have 28 pieces.


(2) Paratroopers

(2) Type 94 6-Wheel Trucks

(2) Type 92 6-Wheel Armored Cars

(2) Type 1 Ho-Ha Mech Infantry

(2) Type 3 Ho-Ni III Tank Destroyers

(2) Type 4 Ho-Ro SP Artillery

(4) Ki-61 Tony Army Fighters

(2) Ki-57 Topsy Transport Planes

(2) B5N Kate Torpedo Bombers

(2) G8N Rita Heavy Bombers

(2) Fuso Early War Battleships

(2) Ryujo Light Carriers

(2) Kaga Fleet Carrier
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