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Axis & Allies 1942 and Axis & Allies 1940 series no longer come with paper Production Certificates. The rule book states "Use a piece of paper..." BLAH!
Conquer the world in Style with this inexpensive set of Production Certificates

Each pack contains 120 color Bills consisting of 60 ones, 20 Fives, 20 Tens, and 20 Twenty’s.
Each bill is designed with REAL period photos and a 1940s artistic style.

Great attention to detail has been taken with the design of these Production Certificates. Even the dates of Issue mark important historical events of the Conflict.

Each bill has a specific theme: The Ones depict the Allies in WW2, the 5 depicts the Axis, the 10 depicts the Commonwealth, and the 20 depicts the United States. These are great looking Certificates that can be used in any WW2 game!

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