Axis & Allies 1942 2nd Edition


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 Second Edition: Expanded Game Board The game board has been expanded to 40? x 26? in order to facilitate an enhanced play experience. New Miniature Sculpts There are 5 new sculpts in the game including UK artillery submarine and destroyer units; German artillery; and a Russian submarine. There?s even an all-new combat unit: the Antiaircraft Artillery!

Axis & Allies 1942, designed and developed by Larry Harris, will utilize the updated rules established in A&A Anniversary Edition. Cruiser class ships will make their debut in A&A 1942, forever changing the naval line-up. Newly sculpted playing pieces and all new packaging will position this game as the cornerstone of the Axis & Allies game line for years to come. Decide the fate of a nation in a few short hours!

Axis & Allies 1942 details:

  • Rulebook updated by Larry Harris, creator of the Axis & Allies game system
  • Packaging, play components, and game board map feature updated art
  • 370 game pieces featuring refreshed sculpts plus new models for cruisers
  • Updated naval unit rules as debuted in Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition
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