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These have been done in approximately the same scale as A&A and FMG minis so that you have a better selection of pieces to choose from for your variant and house rules. This set is WW2 Germany Expansion Set and is available in 2 colors:  OOB Black and Dark Grey.

Complete set is 28 pieces:
(2) Airborne with FG-42

(2) Morser 210 Heavy Artillery

(5) SdKfz 251 Mech Infantry

(2) Panzer II Light Tank

(2) Tiger 1 Heavy Tank

(2) Me-262 Jet Fighters

(2) Me-110 Tac Bombers

(2) Ju-52 Transport Planes

(1) Do-17 Medium Bomber

(2) Ju-488 Heavy Bomber

(2) Type XXI Submarines

(2) Schleswig Holstein Early War Battleships

(2) Seydlitz Light Carriers

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