The Battle of France 1940


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Tabletop Frontlines:  The Battle of France 1940

In this new tabletop battle, the command of the Allied or German armed forces is placed within your hands. It is not a command without major decisions. The Ardennes Forest is unguarded but dense and slow-moving. The Maginot Line is well guarded but lacking strategic positioning. Brussels seems to be on the brink of collapse. These factors plus the fog of war will test the strategic mind of each player.

Game Features

  • A detailed map showing the historic territorial advance of the Whermacht circa June 1940, including major and minor cities, rivers and sea zones


  • Innovative rules showcase the historic element of the Ardennes Forest and the Maginot Line


  • Combat Cards simulate the fog of war and new challenges face the troops each turn; ensuring no two games turn out the same!


  • Unique combat rules mimic the Blitzkrieg system of warfare used by the German army


  • Special combat features include: divisional singularity, German tank superiority, air support, and new retreat rules.


  • Game playing time is approximately two hours


  • Can be played by two or three people



What we provide:

  • A 20 x 30 durable vinyl game board map


  • A deck of twenty (20) combat cards, used to replicate the historical contingencies of war


  • A Tactical Ops & Strategic Guide rulebook with detailed instructions


NOTE:  Miniatures and dice not included.

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Customer reviews

  • Fantastic game

    Posted by Sean on 06/03/2016

    I bought this game 3 weeks ago. We love it. Some of the rules needed clarification. We got that quickly from the developers. Main thing is captured cities are considered occupied. Düsseldorf is not attackable by the sea zone but can produce German naval units. Setup is quick and each game is different with the cards. We have been pleased with the purchase. If you own any Axis and Allies set you don't have to buy pieces. This game is great if you want a quick challenge or just want to play over and over again. We played 10 in a row when we got it.

  • 5

    Completed review

    Posted by Sean on 06/03/2016

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