Field Command: Singapore 1942

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Take on the role of the British, Australian or Japanese field commander during the Battle of Singapore 1942. Re-live the period with the historic "Fortress Singapore" scenario or try a different challenge through one of the hypothetical scenarios, such as "Operation Tiderace", the British retaking of Singapore island. Play with Situation cards, for added complexity, unpredictability, and realism.

Manage supplies. Defend strategic objectives. Decide the tactics for each combat engagement. Every game is different.  Will you live up to the challenge?

+ 03 Full Campaigns & 04 Tactical Scenarios
+ Unique Patent-Pending Combat Resolution
+ 11 Highly Detailed Model Types
+ 02 Styles of Gameplay - Strategic & Tactical
+ 09 Coloured Dice with 05 Unusual Dice
+ Specially Formulated Plastic for Resilient
Playpieces - No Fear of Breakage!

Each set of FIELD COMMAND: SINGAPORE 1942 comes with 122 playing pieces, including:

Japanese Infantry, Japanese Imperial Guards, British Infantry, Australian Infantry, Type 92 Battalion Guns, Ordnance QF 25 Pounder, Breech-Loading Fortress Guns,  Type 97 Chi-Ha Light Tanks, Bren Gun Carriers,  Mitsubishi A6M “'Zero”', Mitsubishi G4M “Betty”', Hawker Hurricane Mk II and more...

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